Bionics Will Improve Your Life

Houston experts are telling us the 21st Century will be the age of the “bionic body.” We're already developing robotic arms controlled by thoughts. Blind people might be able to see again.

Peter Bishop, executive director of Teach the Future, says the first example is technology which helps deaf people hear today.

“Coclear implants that basically bypass the nerves in the ear and connect directly to the nerves in the brain,” Bishop says, “that's really the first bionic connection.”

The bionic eye is called "Argus" and there is hope it will help the blind see one day -- even if it's only in black-and-white at first.

We’ve seen incredibly rapid advances in computer technology in the last 40 years. This is what’s next.

“Biology,” he says, “by the end of the century, will be kind of amazing kind of thing, so, yes, we're seeing the leading edge of many, many biological and health treatments.”

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