New Male Contraceptive is Promising

Medical researchers are ready to start human trials on a new form of male contraceptive. Unlike a vasectomy, Vasalgel is not invasive and is reversible.

Dr. Robert Dillion, a urologist at Kelsey-Seybold, says it seems to work 100 percent of the time, with no side effects in the lab animals it's been tested on.

“It's a high molecular-weight polymer gel that's injected,” Dr. Dillon says. “Once it's injected, it forms a barrier which prevents the sperm from coming through, because the sperm are too big to get through this barrier.”

Dillon says with Vasalgel being more passive and less invasive than current options, it offers a promising alternative. He doesn’t expect to see it on the market until adequate trials have been completed.

The doctor says, “This probably at least five years away from approval, but if it works.”

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