Fort Bend Teenager May Have Tuberculosis

There’s a possible case of tuberculosis in Fort Bend County -- a high school student who have contracted a disease that’s forgotten but not gone.

A student at Clements High may have the disease. Principal David Yaffie has told parents that Fort Bend Clinical Health Services notified the school about the suspected TB case.

In a letter to parents, Yaffie says his school “is working actively with Fort Bend County Health & Human Services and taking all necessary steps in order to ensure the health and safety of all our students and staff.”

The health department identified a group of students and school staff for more testing. Yaffie said students who have not been notified should not be concerned.

People with questions can call Fort Bend County Clinical Health Services at 281-342-6414.

Students at El Campo High School, part of the El Campo Independent School District, are also being tested after possible TB exposure.

TB is a bacteria that lives in the lungs. An untreated infection can develop into a disease.

Symptoms of TB include unexplained weight loss, lack of appetite, night sweats, fever, chills, a lethargic feeling, coughing and chest pain.

TB is sent airborne by breathing and speaking.

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