College 'Fight Club' excludes Republicans

It’s a classic film starring Brad Pitt. Many of you have probably seen it. ‘Fight Club’ came out in 1999. But a real life fight club on the campus of Central Florida on Orlando may have you raising your eyebrow in surprise.

The Knights for Socialism group held a workshop on Sunday, teaching self-defense to anyone wanting to 'Bash the Fash.' Karis Lockhart leads the College Republicans at UCF, and told KTRH the school’s administration did nothing about it.


“The school pushes inclusiveness. And now that there was something against Republicans, UCF was mute,” Lockhart said.

Matthew Wlitshire with the College Republicans at U-H told KTRH this is typical of the left.

“Not only do they not believe in free speech anymore, they truly believe that anyone that anyone who opposes them is evil and should be assaulted,” Wiltshire explained.

And David Isenhour at the A&M College Republicans says the mood in College Station is tense when it comes to politics.

“We have a group that’s almost an offshoot of the BLM movement, and they have promoted a number of very vocal protests,” Isenhour stated.

Those protests included one the night Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer spoke on campus a couple of months ago.

We tried multiple times to talk with the leader of the Knights for Socialism, but Dylan Tyer did not respond to our requests.

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