What are the pitfalls of talking politics at work?

Everyone these days seems to be talking about politics. It’s unavoidable. So, should you be talking about politics at work? And what are the pitfalls of doing that?

Leila Clewis, associate attorney at the law firm Cozen O'Connor, told KTRH, that while you can express yourselves, your boss may want you to toe the line.

“Employers are able to set some limits. And we always want the employers to have those policies in writing,” Clewis said.

Another attorney, Michael Kelsheimer at Gray, Reed and McGraw, told KTRH that while employers can control what you say, that control really only goes so far.

“If it’s for work I think you can control it. If it’s for personal, there becomes a much greater question as to whether you should control it,” he explained.

Kelsheimer adds that ever since the campaign started, back in 2015, he has gotten more inquiries from companies about what they can and cannot limit.

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