Texas to Seek Federal Funding for Border Security

Texas lawmakers are hoping an increase in federal spending for U.S.-Mexico border protection will help plug an estimated $5 billion budget hole.

Texans chipped in $800 million for border security last session and are being asked to match or exceed that number over the next two years.  However, state lawmakers are now waiting to hear the Trump administration's plan before approving any state funds this year.

“Yes there are many, many places where we need some type of physical barrier right now, backed up by men and women of border protection,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told the House Homeland Security Committee Tuesday.

But Kelly said that border security goes beyond a physical wall.

“Its a layered defense that starts with drug demand reduction, it continues with helping, particularly the Central American countries, socially and economically, and that for sure will stop some of the movement of illegal aliens,” he said.

For now, Texas lawmakers remain in limbo while the feds work out their own border plan.

“We need a combination of barriers and technology, I don't see any other option,” said Kelly.  “It is a gaping wound in our defenses – drugs, people, the whole bit -- so we have to do something down there.”

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