Texas Bathroom Bill Poised for Passage

Texas Republicans still expect to pass a so-called "bathroom bill" despite stiff opposition from gay rights advocates and businesses.

Senate Bill 6 would bar transgender Texans from using the public restroom of their choice, a move the Texas Association of Business and gay rights advocates claim will cost the state billions in lost revenue.

“Its widely recognized that the idea you're going to have doom and gloom on a bill that is very different than what happened in North Carolina, to the point where we're going to lose $8.5 billion in revenue, is preposterous,” says state Sen. Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston.

“They studied three bills – Arizona, Indiana and Louisiana – and none of those bills had passed,” he said of the TAB's report.  “It was a bogus study and I think the business community is starting to recognize that.”

Meanwhile, Gov. Greg Abbott so far has remained neutral on the issue.

“Three-quarters of my caucus have signed on as bill authors and I believe we'll have this debate in February and probably a vote near the end of the month,” he says.

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