States consider bills to punish protesters blocking traffic

Anti-Trump protests in Houston for the Super Bowl never really caused problems despite fears that they would. However, they have caused major issues in other cities, and because of that some state governments are considering stepping in.

We've seen protests some turn violent, like in Berkeley, California. Some have stopped traffic, causing problems for ambulances. Multiple states, not including Texas, have proposed laws that would punish protesters blocking traffic. Melissa McKenzie at the American Spectator told KTRH she's not a fan of that.

“I don’t think there should be new laws made. There’s no reason. We have laws. We just need to enforce them,” McKenzie explained.

And as for how long these protests will go on, McKenzie says don’t count on that happening anytime soon.

“This isn’t going to stop. This will go on for as long as the Democrats perceive themselves to be out of power, and that could be for a long time,” she explained.

And as we've told you before, many of these protests are being backed by liberal financier George Soros.

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