Twitter Posts Pushing Violence Toward Trump

A search of Twitter posts since inauguration day turns up more than 12-thousand calling for the new president's assassination. One expert says this is a type of dialogue never seen before in this country.

Homeland security analyst Edward Turzanski observes, “It's not far-removed from what you used to call sedition.”

Turzanski says the threats are making the job of protecting President Trump even tougher for the U.S. Secret Service.

“They have to take seriously threats,” he points out, adding, “and they have to expend resources investigating those threats.”

Resources spent checking the people making the threats are very costly and that taxpayer money could be spent elsewhere.

He blames social media for the development.

“Social media in many ways is a destructive force in the culture,” he says. “It's made it much more coarse, made us less civil and hospitable.”

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