Public Support Exists for Trump Executive Order

While the mainstream media continues to take President Trump to task for his executive order on refugees, a new poll shows more support than you’re hearing about from the news networks.

52% told a Rasmussen poll they support the order. David Ray at the Federation for American Immigration Reform says it's the mainstream media driving the narrative against the ban.

“There has been an orchestrated effort in the mainstream media to either distort what President Trump is trying to do or outright lie about it,” Ray said.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hears the administration's challenge to an earlier order lifting the ban, and Ray thinks we could be headed to the Supreme Court.

“Their only option is to take it to the Supreme Court, where you have a 4-4 split. There’s no guarantee of a decision,” Ray explained, adding if that’s the case, the lower court’s ruling stands.

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