The Zipper Merge Comes to Texas

Engineers call it a 'Dynamic Late Merge' but a simpler name is 'Zipper Merge.' It's common around the world and now TXDOT says it's coming to Texas.

TXDOT's Josh Donat says it's useful when a lane has to end.

"When you have two lanes going down to one you alternate, each person takes a turn going through; kind of like when you're in kindergarten and you learn how to take turns."

Donat says drivers won't have any trouble figuring it out.

"You wait until the very end, where both lanes become one, and you merge like a zipper."

Donat says the zipper merge will probably be most used in construction areas, but there are lots of situations where lanes have to disappear.

"The practical uses, initially, are going to be construction zones, right? That's a great way to use it and it's probably going to be the most common place folks are going to see it."

Oddly enough, Donat says use of the 'Dynamic Late Merge, as engineers call it, is illegal in Tennessee.

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