Striving to Achieve the American Dream

Only 40% of Americans say they have achieved the American Dream, according to a Fox News poll.  “The sense that you get in the country is that people feel they are not passing on to the next generation more than they themselves were given, and that’s part of why I think there has been such negativity inside the country for the last decade or so,” says Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak.  43% said they are still striving to achieve the American Dream.

88% of registered voter polled define their top priority in achieving the American Dream “comfortable retirement.”  Number two on the list is having a successful career.  Tied for third is “raising a family” and “making a valuable contribution to my community.”  Homeownership is fourth at 69%.

Mackowiak says these are the values President Donald Trump has been addressing through the campaign and now in his first administration.  “If you watched that inaugural address and life is good for you, you hated that speech, but if life is not good for you, you found that to be a very helpful speech because he talked about the pain you’re feeling and why your life if going to be better,” he tells KTRH News.

Fifteen percent of Americans say the American Dream is beyond their reach.

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