Pro-Life Students to Gather in Austin this Weekend

Hundreds of pro-life college students from across Texas will converge in Austin this weekend for the fourth annual Boots on the Ground Conference.

The annual conference brings together people of all faiths, the gay community, feminists, anyone who wants to help spread the pro-life message.

“We have individuals from pro-life gay organizations.  We have speakers on secular and biblical pro-life perspectives.  We have segments for students on how they can strengthen the culture of life at their own universities,” says Kim Schwartz, spokesperson for Texas Right to Life.

“Organizers of last week's march in Washington were saying you can't be feminist and pro-life, when actually true feminism requires you to be pro-life because its about human equality,” she says.

Schwartz says nearly half of all abortions in the state involve college-aged women. 

“These are the ones who are making the biggest difference, speaking to other young women who might be in crisis pregnancies and can reach a hand out to those women.”

Texas Students for Life now has chapters on 25 college campuses in the Lone Star State. 

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