Abbott targets Sanctuary Cities; Is Houston one?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is threatening legal repercussions against any office holder that provides sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

“Remove from office, any office holder who promotes sanctuary cities,” Abbott told Fox News about the kind of bill he’d like to see passed during the legislative session currently underway.

That was the latest shot fired in the battle between Abbott and Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez. State Senator Paul Bettencourt says Hernandez should go by the book.

“Sheriff is going to have to follow the law. Anything else is just a political stunt,” Bettencourt stated.

President Donald Trump has promised to take action against any city that is a Sanctuary City. Those actions include withholding federal fund. Houston City Council Member Michael Kubosh says the impact of that would be big.

“We do not need to be contrary to the federal government. We need to follow the law,” Kubosh told KTRH News.

So is Houston a Sanctuary City? Mayor Sylvester Turner was vague.

“We are a very welcoming city. We don’t profile people because of their status. We don’t question whether they are here legally or not,” Turner said earlier this week after a City Council meeting.

The Mayor would not talk to KTRH for this story, and his office pointed us to a statement he released saying HPD is not the INS.

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