Your Millennial Child May Never Marry

Millennials, those adults born after 1980 and before 2000, aren’t getting married in the same numbers their parents did.  91% of baby boomers got hitched, 82% of Gen Xers, but figures suggest the numbers could drop to 70% soon.  Kelly Payton, publisher of Perfect Wedding Guides Houston and the producer of the Dream Weddings Bridal Shows in Houston, says besides the 2008 economic collapse she’s not seeing a drop off in the number of marriages here.  “2009 and 2010 we did a slight dip in the number of weddings, and I believe that’s due to the recession,” she says.  Texas is not among the states that are seeing 70% of their young people choosing to remain single: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.  Payton says the average age for a bride is 27 and the average age for a groom is 29, consistent with averages of the past 15 years.  Payton says young people are more cautious making a lifelong commitment than their parents may have been.  “I certainly hope that they are paying attention and not getting married for reasons that would lead to divorce like our generation may have,” she tells KTRH News.  And while better at saving money than their parents, they also often enter adulthood with more debt, which may play a major role in the hesitancy to marry early.  2.3 million couples wed in America every year, which comes down to 6,200 a day.


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