Will Stocks Continue to Rally?

The stock market continues to be optimistic as President Trump has now officially taken office. But analysts are wondering whether or not it will continue.

Now, in order to figure out if these trends will continue, you have to look at what got this all started. Certified financial planner Richard Rosso says it was Trump winning on Election Day.

“It’s definitely become more emotionally positive. Emotions are very positive for the market in the short run. We saw that immediately after Election Day,” Rosso explained.

Now the work begins to keep this optimism going, and certified financial planner Bill Dendy told KTRH there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

“The market is a leading economic indicator, but we are still a long way from seeing the changes we were promised, and we don’t know how large those changes will actually be,” Dendy said.

And Rosso says that sometimes what you expect from the market, and what actually happens, can be two different things.

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