Liberal Hollywood Strikes Again

Is this another case of liberal Hollywood striking again? ABC has ordered a new television show that doesn’t paint America in the future in the best of lights.

The show is called 'The Crossing,' and it’s about American refugees from 250 years into the future. The country is in chaos at that point, and the refugees are seeking asylum. University of Houston pop culture expert Garth Jowett told KTRH doesn't really like the premise.

“We’ve had so much of that recently. Half the movies that are made paint the future in that way. I thought we would have gotten over that when the Cold War ended,” Jowett explained.

And he thinks the writers and producers are trying to capitalize on all the controversy we saw in the election, and the warnings of what could happen with a President Donald Trump.

“They’ve come up with something that people will watch, something novel. I could see how this could be politically interesting about how people perceive the way we act today,” Jowett said.

Jowett says societies change, and that this show could be an interesting look at how people will look back at our society in the future.

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