Choice career paths for 2017

The networking website LinkedIn has put together a list of the 20 most promising jobs of 2017.  These jobs offer high median salaries, numerous openings with annual growth in the number of positions available, and likely career advancement.

Six of the positions, including pharmacist and clinical nurse, are in the medical or health care fields.  Another seven, including technical program manager and data engineer, are tech-related jobs.  The rest are in generally business-related fields, including taxes and analysis.

None are specific to either the space program or oil & gas, but all appear to be good matches for the Houston area.

The listed positions are:

1. Hospitalist

2. Pharmacist

3. Sales Engineer

4. Site Reliability Engineer

5. Product Manager

6. Financial Analyst

7. Technical Program Manager

8. Program Manager

9. Data Engineer

10. Scrum Master

11. Software Engineer

12. Clinical Nurse

13. Physician Assistant

14. Business Analyst

15. Tax Manager

16. Data Architect

17. Anesthetist

18. Analytics Manager

19. Customer Success Manager

20. Medical Director

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