Republicans Split Over ‘America First’ Rhetoric

We’ve heard the phrase 'America First' through the election and nearly every day since President Donald Trump won the White House, but even some in the Republicans are having a hard time explaining what it means.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, raised eyebrows over the weekend when asked about 'America First' on CBS' "Face the Nation."

"If America First is a throwback to the 20s and 30s isolationism when it was first used as a phrase, the world would deteriorate even quicker," said Graham.  "If it is a new way of Ronald Reagan 'peace through strength' I'd like to work with you, I don't know what America First means."

Trump supporters point to Monday's withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership as the definition of 'America First.'

"I really think America First means you're looking to create deals that benefit Americans here at home," says Michael Joyce, spokesman for the Republican Party of Texas.

"The message America First is more of an economic message, and I think President Trump as a negotiator-in-chief will be able to start striking better deals for American workers."

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