Cartel Violence Spreading into Mexico Resort Towns

Tourists in Cancun, Mexico last week came face-to-face with drug cartels opening fire on the city's police headquarters and prosecutor's office.  Cell phone video captured the chaotic scene.

Ildefonso Ortiz at Breitbart Texas says it’s the latest in a growing number of violent acts taking place in Mexico's once peaceful resort towns.

"The Mexican cartels in those areas keep a truce of sorts, so they can all have access to those shipping areas," says Ortiz.  "The various cartels that are fighting for control in those areas, they starting fighting for access to the port and the distribution routes for their narcotics."

"Two to three executions a day, very gory crime scenes, I'm talking beheadings and dismemberments, things of that nature, and that is in Acapulco," he says.

The Cancun attack came one day after gunmen killed five and wounded others at a nightclub in Playa Del Carmen.

"The gunmen stormed in and started shooting up the place, and that had to with, according to law enforcement officials, with a turf war over the distribution of narcotics in the area," says Ortiz.

The U.S. Department of State is warning Americans traveling to Mexico to use caution.

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