If you listened to some of the national experts on networks like CNN or MSNBC you might have thought the Tea Party’s time had come and gone. But, as what happened in the Texas primaries on Tuesday proved, the reports of its death were premature.

Ted Cruz backed candidates like Ken Paxton moved on to runoff elections. In fact, everyone that Cruz endorsed moved on to the next round. Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston says Cruz' approval is important.

“That gives them credibility and money. Those things are really key,” Rottinghaus said.

And while not every Tea Party candidate won, Katrina Pierson, who lost to Congressman Pete Sessions, told KTRH she's not upset at all.

“I am really excited about some of the results we saw and the showing that we had,” Pierson stated.

Now the question is whether the Tea Party can keep the momentum going nationally. Pierson isn't sure about that.

“It’s too early to say. We have our own animal going on in Texas. We’re different than other states. I hope we can lead by example,” Pierson explained.

Robert Gonzalez co-founded the Clear Lake Tea Party. He told KTRH he’s confident that the rest of the country will follow Texas’ lead.

"As Texas goes, so does the country. Everyone’s looking to Texas,” Gonzalez said.

Whatever happens, Pierson says the future for the grassroots movement is bright.

“A lot of moderate Republicans are going to retire. A lot of new, young Republicans are out there running for office for the first time. And they’re going to get better and better over time,” Pierson stated.