Talk about a brave new world. Imagine finding a package on your doorstep you didn't order, but you're never-the-less happy to get. That's a possible future with Amazon, which has obtained a patent for what it calls "anticipatory shipping."

Amazon says it tracks your web browsing and knows how long your mouse hovers over an item in its store. Kwame Opam of The Verge says Amazon might someday just ship stuff to you.

"I can't really guess as to when Amazon will roll this sort of thing out. It's just a patent and companies win patents all the time."  

Opam says this will take a lot of time and testing -- much like Amazon's plan to use drones.

"Even the drone thing is mostly just talk on their part; there's no sense whether they can bat away the legal aspect of it and actually make it a reality."

Some think both ideas are just stunts to get us to talk about Amazon. If so, mission accomplished.