Many of you have probably had to deal with this. Some of you reading this are probably dealing with it now. Your daughter has brought home a guy that you don’t approve of. And there may now be scientific reasons why.

A European study says most parents just want their daughters to pick a guy who is more supportive. Relationship expert Jennifer Styers says fathers have a particularly tough time letting go.

“That’s their little girl. They want what’s best for their daughter. If you’re a good father you want someone as good as you are,” Styers explained.

Styers said fathers just have the best interests of their daughters in mind.

“If you let go you want to make sure your little girl is in good hands,” Styers stated.

The study says when a father has a tough time letting go, their daughters normally wind up picking the 'bad boy' type. So what should you do?

“Talk to them about relationships, about what it takes for two people to work,” Styers said.

Styers says you should work with your kids not against them.

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“We can help our kids learn to choose the right person. We can help them to figure out what to look for in a partner.

She says working with your daughters might help you avoid more problems down the road.

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