As many kids hit the pavement in search of their sugar rush new phone apps are out to help parents keep track of their trick-or-treaters.

Phone apps like Family GPS or Track-n-Treat allow parents to designate safe areas and lets kids create time-limited location links so their parents know where they are.

But not everyone thinks these new apps are a good idea.  Texas security consultant Catherine Torrez says nothing is better than having your eyes on your kid, "Everything helps some, but to me there is nothing better than parents eye to eye, you know visual contact on their children."

Torrez recommends the same safety rules as before, reflective clothing, go in groups, and go where you know.  She does say that using the app could actually put your child in more danger, "You know there is another downside, is that most kids when they have their cell phones they are texting.  So they will be texting and walking at the same time and walk into traffic because they won't be paying attention to people or the traffic around them."

Torrez says the phone apps are a good idea for older teenagers since most of them don't allow their parents to come along with them when they trick-or-treat.