A local pharmacy is facing a malpractice lawsuit related to the overdose death of a little girl.

Six-year-old Jadalyn Williams died as she slept in April of last year after being given what was thought to be the prescribed dose of morphine by her mother.  It was not.

Jadalyn suffered from sickle-cell anemia and was prescribed morphine by a physician at Texas Children's Hospital to help with the pain.  Unbeknownst to Jadalyn's mother Simone Allen, a pharmacist at Cullen Care Pharmacy mixed the morphine solution ten times stronger than the prescription specified.  That amount would have likely killed an adult.

Attorney Mo Aziz with Abraham Watkins says the Houston Homicide Unit found the mother did not give the child too much morphine because there was still the correct amount of the solution left.

Aziz also says they don't know who mixed the fatal dose, "All we have right now is in the pharmacy records there are initials of a pharmacist that signed off on one of the medical records.  But, we don't have a name."

The Harris County medical examiner found Jadalyn died from morphine toxicity.