We are bombarded with tens of thousands of media messages every day.  We multi-task, watching television while surfing the Internet on a laptop from our recliner.  The media is everywhere, and that's why Texas Tech pop culture expert Rob Weiner says some of his students are less able to focus.

“The multi-tasking has something to do with that,” Weiner explains.  “We're hit with so much media all the time, everything is so instantaneous that it's difficult for us to focus.”

The average American watched 134 hours a month of live TV in 2013, down by three hours.  At the same time, we watched an average of an additional two hours of time-shifted television content.  Weiner says that hs some television programmers very worried.

“And, rightly so,” he says.  “We still have television and there still is a certain segment of the population that watches live TV, but it's much less than it used to be.”