As Congress tries to get an immigration package done before their annual August vacation, a new poll shows exactly how divided you are on the issue.

According to an Associated Press-GFK poll, 52% of you think children coming here illegally should not be treated as refugees. 46% of you think they should. Matt Mackowiak of says it's a tough question to deal with.

“Since it’s kids it adds a whole other emotional layer that you have to consider. It’s not easy and our political system has trouble even doing simple things,” Mackowiak said.

Elsewhere, 53% of you also think we have no moral obligation to offer asylum to people coming here illegally. Mackowiak says most pollsters and strategists will take that number.

“As split as the country is, if you can find an issue that gets a 53% answer that’s a pretty solid majority,” Mackowiak stated.

One thing Mackowiak thinks everyone will agree on is that nearly everyone is getting worked up over the immigration problem.

“There’s frustration on all sides here. There’s frustration that we may have invited the problem. There’s frustration because there’s no easy answer,” Mackowiak explained.

As for what the impact of this poll is, Mackowiak thinks it will give Republicans more confidence that they are right in their position on the illegal immigration issue.