Three weeks after the Obamacare website rollout the website you are supposed to use to sign up for health care is still experiencing glitches. And now a report says officials may have known about the issues before the site launched.

The Washington Post says the site crashed in tests days before the October first rollout. President Obama isn't happy about it.

“The website has been too slow. It’s fair to say nobody’s been more frustrated than I am,” the President said.

But the President says the issues with the website don’t take away from the fact health care is what people want.

“The product is good. The prices are good. It is a good deal,” President Obama said.

The critics are everywhere. Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady says some of those critics have been the President's biggest supporters.

“Former White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs said people need to be fired. He said the whole thing was bungled badly,” Brady explained.

Brady has one question for the President.

“If there truly are millions of interested people then why did they plan a website that could barely process a few thousand applications each day,” Brady asked.

Health care reform analyst Mark Hatcher told KTRH you shouldn't be surprised the site is having issues.

“It rolled out at the last minute with testing that wasn’t truly testing the site to its limits, and now look where we are,” Hatcher stated.

So what’s Hatcher’s suggestion?

“I think it’s at the point where they may just have to shut it down,” Hatcher said.”