There are new warnings about climate change. The latest study has people on both sides of the debate talking. And even though there is disagreement about the core issue, all sides agree that the science isn’t perfect.

A new study from the University of Hawaii says we're in line for the kind of heat waves we've never seen before. These heat waves could hit the tropics by the year 2020 and here in the United States by 2043. Larry Bell at the University of Houston isn't buying it though. He says the exact opposite is going to happen.

“Everyone I know is predicting we will have increasingly cold temperatures through the middle of the century because of activity in the sun. Many people are saying this,” Bell stated.

Bell continued, “Nobody can really predict what is going to happen. The models they’ve been using have been spectacularly wrong. They did not predict the last 17 years of flat temperatures,” Bell said.

Raymond Orbach at the University of Texas told KTRH that while the models may be flawed, we should pay attention to them.

“Nothing is perfect. These are estimates. The models are getting better and better. They serve as an early warning,” Orbach said.

Orbach does say that we shouldn't panic over this latest study, but we should keep an eye on things.

“All information should be taken seriously. I think this is an indication that there may be things out there we need to start dealing with fairly quickly,” Orbach explained.