Dozens of NFL players have been arrested since the Super Bowl -- most notably former Patriot Aaron Hernandez. Almost all of the rest of the arrests were for minor charges. But critics say the NFL has an image problem. 

Professor and sports attorney Walter Champion of Texas Southern University says the Hernandez case is not the norm.

"I think it goes on all the time, but this Aaron Hernandez is an incredible villain."

Sportstalk 790 host Greg Koch is in the Packers' hall of fame.

"Take a cross section of 2,000 guys out of American life you're gonna have some bad apples. You'd hope they wouldn't commit a crime like this, but unfortunately that's the case."

Koch says players make enough money to hire bodyguards and drivers if they want to party. They have no reason to be in trouble with the law.

Professor Champion says it appears Hernandez has an extreme case of "big man on campus" syndrome.

"I'm a superstar, you're not. I make $40-million a year, how much do you make -- I'll shoot ya!"