Doctors are warning teenagers about the potentially fatal dangers of a popular internet craze.

Since 2011, there have been hundreds of videos posted online that show people taking the cinnamon challenge.  This is when people try to eat a tablespoon of straight cinnamon without drinking any water or spitting it out.  The craze was so popular that even Discovery Channel's MythBusters did a segment on it.

Doctors like Debra Cutler with Kelsey-Seybold say there are serious health risks that accompany the challenge, "cinnamon is caustic and when inhaled into the lungs can cause asthma and emphysema."

But, not to be out-done it appears thrill-seeking kids have already moved on to the latest craze called the condom challenge.  This is when you inhale a condom through your nose and pull it out your mouth.  This craze is only slightly less dangerous.