Some college football players have testified before the National Labor Relations Board requesting they be allowed to form a union. The players say the schools make a ton of money off their names and they should be paid.

Sportstalk 790's Greg Koch -- who's also a lawyer -- says the idea faces a lot of legal hurdles.

"If you're gonna do this for football players you have to do this with all sports and that's Title IX non revenue sports; all women's sports and things like that."

Koch -- a member of the Green Bay Packers' hall of fame -- says he understands where the players are coming from, but this probably won't happen any time soon.

"You're talking a lot of money here so whether all of the schools could do that or not I think that's gonna be a big decision they're gonna have to make. But I think this is gonna be tied up in the courts for a long time."

Koch's broadcast partner N.D. Kalu -- a former Houston Texan -- says he knew players in college who struggled financially. But money's even more of a problem for them now.

"I have a lot of guys that I played with who are now in their late 30s, early 40s who are having surgeries or are having medical issues due to playing football in college but they don't have anyone fighting for them or fighting for their insurance similar to the NFL players."      

Players from Northwestern and UCLA testified before the NLRB this week.