New billboards are popping up around Houston encouraging young people not to enroll in Obamacare.

They're part of a nationwide campaign called "Refuse to Enroll" from the non-profit Citizens' Council for Health Freedom which believes the White House is targeting young people for what it calls a government takeover.

“Their focus is on millennial, the young and healthy, and we wanted to go where there's a large majority of them, and Houston is one of those cities,” says the group's Twila Brase.

“They track doctors and individuals in every state, its the way the IRS will enforce the mandate by penalizing those who choose not to purchase insurance and its the way the federal government knows the insurance status of everyone,” she tells KTRH News.


Brase says there are countless reasons Americans should refuse Obamacare.

“Technology experts say the data is not secure at all,” she claims.  “The young and the healthy are going to subsidize the older and sicker, that's why their prices are going to be so high.”

The group is steering individuals to it's website for more information.

“We give people the opportunity to opt out of the exchange, to fill out a form to tell the government they are not going to use the government's exchange and not going to enroll in Obamacare,” says Brase.