Many of you say you no longer have faith in the State of the Union. For many of you the American Dream has become a broken dream.

The survey by US News & World Report says that only 7% of you think that the federal government is working. Sixty percent of voters between 18 and 33 think they are worse off than their parents. Political consultant Jim McGrath says if you want someone to blame, look in the mirror.

“The voters voted for a divided government. They’ve given the White House and House of Representatives to the Democratic Party, and the Senate to the Republican Party.

McGrath told KTRH when that happens, you can’t get a lot done in Washington.

“Our system is designed to make it hard to have progress. But if the Republicans can get the Senate, maybe they can get a little more headway,” McGrath explained.

Matt Angle of the Lone Star Project told KTRH that the survey tells him you believe our leaders are the problem.

“I think they see broken leadership in Washington,” Angle said. They’re talking about the leaders. They’re talking about the gridlock in Washington.

But as far as whose fault that is, Angle is pointing the finger at Republicans in Congress.

“You’ve got a Republican majority in the House that is incapable of governing,” Angle stated.

McGrath said if we did not have divided government, the gridlock would go away.

Some more numbers from this recent survey show that 26% of you feel that the federal government is broken; 24% said it's working with major problems and 40% said it's only working in some areas.

McGrath says if we didn't have divided government, we probably wouldn't be seeing the problems that we've been seeing for the last four years.