The CIA has finally admitted there's an "Area 51" in the Nevada desert. But documents released last week don't mention UFOs or aliens. Does that throw cold water on conspiracy theories?

Famed UFO researcher and nuclear scientist Stan Friedman says what the feds have released changes nothing.


"It's certainly not gonna say that they have any crashed flying saucers, alien bodies, or technology development there or not."

Friedman says there's no question the government is covering up the truth.

"There's no question the CIA has collected lots of information about UFOs which they have not released."

Mark Briscoe of Roswell's International UFO Museum and Research Center thinks the news will boost attendance.

"Well, there's a difference between acknowledging Area 51 exists and whether there's aliens or not. Those are two completely different subjects."

The feds concede Area 51 has been a testing ground and birthplace of the U2 spy plane.