It was the dateline that captured me, an A-P story out of Uncertain, Texas.  Don’t think I’ve ever heard of that town before.

It’s near Caddo Lake apparently, because that’s the story.  Scientists and researchers from half a dozen state, federal and private agencies are releasing up to 50 paddlefish into Caddo Lake, their old home.

Paddlefish are dinosaur-era fish that disappeared from Caddo Lake after a dam was built in the 1950’s. The dam interfered with water flows that signaled when to spawn, so the fish didn’t.

File:Caddo Lake- Cypress.jpg

Caddo Lake (above). Photo from Wikipedia.

There’s a change in water release plans now, so if these paddlefish can survive, it’ll be a good sign.

They’re all fitted with transmitters to track them…even for a species eons old… life is uncertain afterall.