Done. Finished. My Texas Lone Star Sunset quilt.  

I picked it up on July 4th at the Square Quilter in Shiner.  I love the lariat stitching and I’m glad they talked me into the label for the back.



As quilts do, mine has a story.  It’s about family, some of my girl cousins who decided to get together in Missouri each October to sew squares for each others quilts…one quilt at a time, in descending order by age.  Cousin Debbie was first and she kept her quilt with her as she fought a losing battle against cancer.   Debbie’s square on my quilt is a timeless memory and reminder of family connection, shared loss, but also continuity.

The label on the back tells this story….an ongoing one….this October we’ll be working on Cousin Cara’s quilt.  Can’t wait!