Could you use some good news about now? It’s about chikungunya.  That’s the mosquito-borne disease that most of us in Texas just learned about a few months ago, when travelers brought it back home with them.

The good news is that a new vaccine appears to protect against chikungunya by increasing antibodies that fight that non-fatal, but incredibly painful disease. Just ask the 2 million-plus-  people, primarily in Asia,  who have suffered it over the past several years.

Credit researchers at the N-I-H for these initial tests.  But medical researchers  are essentially without borders and doing battle every day from flesh-eating bacterias to the Ebola virus. 

In Eastern England, scientists are looking into whether the protective coating of leafcutter ants could be turned into antibiotics to fight superbugs.  There is an army of researchers conducting a global battle.  That is good news too.