It was early on Houston’s Morning News.  Making note that Spring begins.

“Oh, yeah,” from Matt Patrick.  “Vernal Equinox, stand an egg on its end”.  And then he goes to traffic and weather.

Stand an egg on its end? I must have missed that in my education.  Does make some sense, with the Earth’s tilt almost perpendicular to the Sun and all.  Think I’ll try it.  Skinny end or fat end?

Spring always makes some of us slightly goofy. After the Winter of 2014, we’re entitled.  The birds and the bees are already flying about in Texas and  there’s all that business about the heifers.

Sorry to note that our neighbors east of the Mississippi can’t take part, just yet.  Another winter storm is headed their way. 

We might thank the good Lord, again, that  we live in Texas.