The Houston Zoo has grown by 6 feet, announces the news release of the birth of a female Masai giraffe on Sunday.

Photo from Houston Zoo

The baby is 6 feet tall, 132 pounds…average for new born giraffes…and the photos and video we’ve posted show she’s a beauty.  She’s standing and moving on her own and nursing from mother Neema, who carried this pregnancy for 14 ½ months.

The two are spending these early days behind the scenes but under the watchful eyes of the zoo keeper team and vet staff.  The giraffe keepers who cared for Neema during her pregnancy get the honor of naming her baby.

She brings the Houston Zoo’s count to 10 Masai giraffes now…a veritable gaggle….oh no, that’s geese.  I searched and found one group that claims a bunch of giraffes is a “tower”.  Think I’ll stick with Texan and call them a herd.