Below are the candidates I am voting for (or, as with a few at the bottom, that I WOULD if I lived in their district).  This is NOT intended as any sort of direction as to what YOU should do.  It is simply my own personal choices.  I have tried to explain those in further detail below the choice.  There are races where I don’t see enough separation in the candidates to announce a vote, and some where I just don’t know the candidates.  In those two cases, I’ve not made a choice here.  I hope this helps.   The various Tea Parties around our region make actually “endorsements”, so I encourage you to consult their sites.


Remember that early voting runs through this Friday, Feb 28th, at 7pm.  During early voting you can vote at ANY early voting polling location in the county in which you reside.  If you wait until Tuesday, March 4th (which is TECHNICALLY known as “election day”), you can ONLY vote at your individual precinct, which can move from where it was before.  Lines will be long, it could rain, you could be sick, etc.  Vote early.  


You can find the Harris County early voting locations here:


Remember that, with the new Voter ID law in Texas, you must bring an acceptable form of ID.  Lots of things qualify.  Find the list here:


US SenatorABC = Anybody But Cornyn 

Governor Greg Abbott*

Comptroller Harvey Hilderbran

Attorney GeneralBarry Smitherman**

General Land OfficeDavid Watts (1)

Ag CommissionerSid Miller (2)

Railroad CommissionerWayne Christian (3)

Chief Justice, Sup CtNathan Hecht (4)

Justice, Sup CtJeff Brown*

Justice, Sup CtPhil Johnson (4)

Family Ct Judge, 311Donna Detamore*

District ClerkChris Daniel**

TreasurerOrlando Sanchez 

County School Trustee, 5Mike Wolfe*

JP, Pct 4, Pl2Louis Guthrie*

Harris County Party ChPaul Simpson*

Pct Chairman Tom Bazan*

State Rep, 129Sheryl Berg*


I’m voting YES on all platform planks at the end of the ballot.


*=I know this person, and I know their work, and I believe they will do a great job.

**=Barry Smitherman is a personal friend, and I think he’ll do well.  Many friends are supporting Paxton.  Chris Daniel got my support early and I’ve not waivered.  I also know Court Koennig and think he’s a good man.

(1) I do not know him.  I’m voting against George P. Bush because I’ve heard too many Republicans tell me we need to elect Hispanics.  We need to elect the best candidate, without regard to ethnicity.

(2) I don’t know him, but a number of friends who share my beliefs are voting for him.

(3) I don’t know him, but he was a big, early supporter of Ted Cruz, so I’m supporting him.

(4) I don’t know Hecht or Johnson, but I know they are very solid tort reform conservatives, and they are being challenged by the plaintiff’s lawyers.  This is an important race.  I DO know Jeff Brown, who is the 3rd of the conservative justices under attack by the Democrat-financed attack ads, and he is a great judge.