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Matt Patrick

Matt Patrick, a two-time Radio and Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee, is a true conservative, and a 32-year veteran of radio, where he has delivered award-winning broadcasts year after year that embody the very foundation on which our country was founded. God, guns, country.

Patrick deeply believes in protecting and defending the Constitution and all that it stands for just as our founding fathers would have wanted and expected. "Eroding our Constitutional rights goes against everything we as a country are and must continue to be," according to Matt.

Matt Patrick has been a radio personality in several genres and states including Ohio, New York, Indiana, and the Great State of Texas.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys watching his 9-year-old son Jake play tackle football, traveling around Texas, sitting by the pool sipping a non-alcoholic umbrella drink, and watching all college and professional sports (especially Texas football)!

Matt also has two daughters, Lexa, 23, and Alanna, 20. He lives in Katy with his wife, Paula, and their family.


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