1.  Black or Green Tea.  Black and green tea have polyphenols, prevening smelly oral bacteria that causes bad breath. Green tea has a higher concentration, because of how it's processed. Drop the sugar for best results.

2.  Yogurt.  Unsweetened is a great defense against foul breath thanks to active yogurt cultures that compete with your other oral bacteria.  Yogurt also means healthier teeth.  Eating it leaves less plaque and even less gum disease.

3.  Water.  Drinking water keeps bad bacteria from growing, helps with saliva production, and flushes food particles, preventing bad breath break down.

4.  Parsley, Basil . . . and Spinach.  Parsley and basil are high in polyphenols, which fight bacteria and help to break down sulfur compounds. Look for ways to combine parsley and basil in the same dish with garlic or onions.  Spinach works great too.

5.  Apples.  Try eating an apple after a GARLIC-heavy meal.  Apples also have a lot of polyphenols, so they're great for breaking down sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.

6.  Cherries and Lettuce.  Studies show that cherries and lettuce are effective against a certain smelly chemical called methyl mercaptan, which is released by bacteria in your mouth as they break down food particles.