Last night in London, Jon Bon Jovi performed at Kensington Palace for a blacktie fundraising gala. Just as he started strumming the first notes of his classic anthem “Livin’ On A Prayer,” he summoned Taylor Swift and Prince William to join him.

The crowd was shocked to see The Prince barely hesitate to jump on stage, but Taylor was already ten steps ahead of him. She was rushing to the stage like an ordinary teenage fan.

You’ve never seen a bigger smile on Taylor’s face. She was on stage with one of her music heroes, and a real-life Prince Charming. It’s as if she was living out her dream scenario from her song “Love Story.”

Too bad for Taylor, he’s taken. However, Kate Middleton stayed home to babysit little George. Swift told People magazine (quote) “I don't think I have ever played in a palace before. The prince was really funny. So cool.”

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