Ft.worth residents Crawford and Mary Clay Gupton discovered their 10-month-old Swiss mountain dog, Heidi, was missing from their Arlington Heights home last Friday. 

After putting up fliers and scouring their neighborhood, the couple had a friend post a "lost dog" notice on the popular website, Reddit, Tuesday night offering a $2,000 reward with no questions asked as long as the dog is returned.

Now, the dog-napper, named "dogthedogsaver," is taunting the couple on the popular website, claiming the pup was "thin and malnourished" and covered in fleas and "a film of filth." 

The Fort Worth police are currently investigating the incident but in a follow-up comment posted Wednesday, dogthedogsaver said they are reaching out to the local humane society and would return Heidi as long as she receives "a clean bill of health."

"I'm not some heartless monster, and I would never steal a dog away from a family that loves her and cares for her," the post said. "I'll do the right thing for Heidi once I get all the information."

A person who claimed he was the one that took Heidi called news station FOX 4 on Wednesday night, but refused to give his name or go on camera and even blocked his phone number.

The dog has now been returned to the Gupton's as of Thursday night.

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