soilmenderMy seminar at the home and garden show last weekend was fun and interesting. Many people had questions about bad-looking lawns, copious weeds, vegetable gardens that struggled last year, and trees that wouldn't grow. The answers to all boiled down to one inescapable truth: gardening success along the Gulf Coast starts with healthy, organically enriched soil.

  • If you don't aerate the lawn and add a soil amendment, you may never achieve a healthy stand of grass in our clay soils. And our hardpan soil is a perfect invitation to weeds.
  • If you don't make a raised bed for veggies, herbs, perennials, annuals ... even small landscape shrubbery ... you're going to struggle at least, and perhaps completely fail.
  • If you don't amend your soil so the roots of newly planted trees and big shrubs have time to adapt to existing soil conditions, they are going to languish as well.

So, to help with all those needs, I will have a myriad of free Soil Mender products to help fix your problems at my appearance this weekend at Buchanan's Native Plants, 611 East 11th St. in the Heights. I'll be there 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, and if your soil falls into any of the aforementioned categories, Soil Mender and I will almost certainly be able to provide some assistance.

We will have plenty of their food products to give away as well, so print a copy of this blog post and bring it with you as your prize coupon. Even if you think your soil is already good, show me what plants, veggies or herbs you're buying while at Buchanan's and I'll give you some free food to match just for the asking.

Speaking of food, check Buchanan's website see what food trucks will be dropping by this weekend and what new arrivals, special deals and promotions you can expect during your visit. Remember, Buchanan's is Houston's premier nursery and garden center inside The Loop, specializing in Texas native plants and organic gardening practices.