Once again, GardenLine will be heading to the annual Art in the Garden Party at The Arbor Gate on FM 2920, about a mile and a half west of Highway 249 in Tomball.

It's an all-day affair starting at 9 a.m., but I'll be there bright and early for the 6-10 a.m. GardenLine broadcast. And if you're a real Arbor Gate fan or a diehard Lemmonhead, I've got a way to get you in an hour earlier than the general public.

Plus, since Sunday is Mother's Day, we've got you covered for gift ideas.

First, let me tell you how the Art in the Garden Party has helped transform the Lemmon landscape over the years ... and how I hope it can change the way you think about garden art. Years ago, we came up with the phrase "beyond the gazing globe" when talking about new ways to add art to gardens. Last Monday, I totaled up all the pieces I've accumulated over the years as a result of what I've learned from the Arbor Gate and other nurseries, and I counted well over 20 items. From dancing birds, to Asian pagodas, to metal butterflies, to flying pigs, to laughing frogs and guitar-playing armadillos, I've got an array that goes far beyond just pink flamingos.

If you've always wanted to spruce up your gardens with whimsical and decorative ideas, you've got to come to the party this weekend and learn what you can and should do.

Also, remember that the Arbor Gate is a true "gardener's nursery." That means the staff really knows what they are doing. They couldn't be more helpful or knowledgeable. They professionally analyze problems and know what works in what conditions. They also have demonstration gardens where you can see what they sell, and how the items work in different seasons. The Arbor Gate is truly a nursery that excels in the three areas I think are so important for a quality garden center: service, selection and quality!

You'll also find the Arbor Gate has every imaginable organic product under the sun. And they carry most of the products on both my synthetic and organic fertilization schedules. They have an herb house, too ... they are Houston's premier herb experts. And, there's the rose house, chock full of every imaginable antique, old garden and Earth-Kind rose that exists.

If you need another reason to come out, Felder Rushing will be there to conduct one of his homespun "Artful Insights" seminars at 10 a.m. And yes, he's bringing his '86 pickup with the garden in the bed. He is my hero when it comes to "bottle trees," which we have also introduced in the Lemmon landscape.

And it wouldn't be a GardenLine event if we weren't handing out some free goodies. First, we are still giving away Lemmonhead shirts to anyone who wants one - while supplies last. My guess is they'll be gone by noon. We'll also be giving away lots of Lady Bug Natural products, like we did last year. And if you show me a receipt for goods purchased that morning at the Arbor Gate, I will supplement your buy with something you didn't get. For example, if you buy some roses, I'll get you some of their Flower Power. If you buy some herbicide, I'll give you some Terra Tonic Super Soil Activator. Simply show me what you bought, and I'll help feed it or put some soil around it for free. I would normally tell you "while supplies last," but our good friend Andy with Lady Bug will be bringing enough stuff to give away for hours!

Since this place is nearly in my backyard, I'll be able to hang out until at least 1 p.m. So, if you have something that "needs a pair of eyes on it," please bring it by. But be sure to carry it a sealed plastic bag — remember this is a working nursery.

Finally, if you'd like to get in an hour before the rest of the crowd, print a copy of this announcement and bring it with you. Show it at the front gate, and it will work like a ticket for early admission to the live broadcast and party.