As if 'trophy kids' weren't already patted on the back enough, a youth soccer league up north has decided to eliminate scoring altogether.

Some t-ball leagues even play without recording any outs. So what are we teaching these kids?

Matt Rowland, a Pee Wee football coach in Katy, believes at the right age, competition is good.

“Most people, in their career and life, everything is a competition,” says Rowland.  “Getting into schools, getting a good job, getting a raise, having a good marriage takes work and dedication.”

Rowland says fairness is another tough lesson kids should learn.

“My children, they keep talking about fairness, that's not fair,” he says.  “And I think sports is a great way to teach them referees make bad calls, other teams get lucky, sometimes you get lucky.”

James Crosby, a professor of psychology at Sam Houston State University, says while winning and losing are good lessons to learn, it is not necessary at a young age.

“Four, five, 6-years-old, we're talking about a focus on fun, a focus on team participation,” Crosby tells KTRH News.

“It is about establishing social fundamentals, and establishing some athletic fundamentals, teaching them this is a fun thing that you can do,” he says.

Crosby say too much pressure to win can discourage kids from participating at all.