With the success of online shops like amazon.com you'd think the days of haggling over prices might be over. But consumer experts say think again.

KTRH affiliate KPRC Local 2 consumer reporter Amy Davis says you can get a better deal at just about any brick and mortar store.

"One of the easiest ways to tell that you can negotiate is when someone tells you 'these are set prices;' nothing's ever set."

Davis says the typical Wal-Mart employee may not have much power to haggle, but you can ask for the manager.

"If you're talking about a piece of furniture or something that's $50 or more I absolutely think that managers have the authority to haggle and negotiate."

Davis says a good starting point is to find a flaw and tell the manager you'd like to buy the item.

"You see something on an aisle that has a scratch on it and you tell a manager 'hey I like this picture but it's damaged, so obviously I don't want to pay sticker price for it, what can you do?"