Time is running out for the Supreme Court to make a decision on the Abigail Fisher case this session. There has been a lot of speculation as to why a decision hasn’t come down yet.

Many people thought the Court would have a decision on this affirmative action case against the University of Texas by now. But South Texas College of Law Professor Gerald Treece told KTRH they are just being deliberate.

“My guess is they are writing some potential dissents. It just takes a little longer,” Treece told KTRH.

Treece thinks the Court could wait and tie the Fisher decision together with other cases involving affirmative action.

“The state of Michigan did a voter initiative that totally banned all forms of affirmative action. Maybe they won’t decide Fisher until they hear this case and decide them together,” Treece speculated. “They might be holding off on deciding the merits of Fisher until the fall, when they hear the Michigan case.”

But Treece also says there are other high profile cases that have yet to be decided.

“We have the Defense of Marriage Act case. And there’s a case that directly affects Texas out of Alabama. That’s the Shelby County case that deals with the Voting Rights Act,” Treece explained.

Some are speculating that the last day for the Supreme Court to decide cases this session will be June 27th.